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Title slide that includes the title of the article, Camtasia 2018, TeamViewer, Android and picture of an Android device screen. The background of the slide is a blue bioluminescence photographed in the Ventura Harbor.

Camtasia 2018: Creating Automatic Mobile Touch Event Callouts

I have been asked by several viewers of my Camtasia 2018 Essential Training course about how to create Mobile Touch Event Callouts. Unfortunately, as of the initial release of Camtasia 2018, there is still no tool for creating the animated touch call outs you see me use in my courses; I’ve had to create and…
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Phoebe the border collie looks at the recorders for Camtasia 2018 and ScreenFlow 8 with the text Camtasia vs ScreenFlow: Recording

Camtasia vs ScreenFlow: Recording

The two leading Screen Capture and Editing tools, Camtasia 2018 and ScreenFlow 8 are now available, so how do they compare as Screen Capture tools?  In this article we’re going to compare these two tools based on 5 criteria: Recording Options, Mobile Device Recordings, Audio Recording, Export Options, and Workflow. Camtasia 2018 is available for…
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